Prosmart heated jacket

Prosmart heated jacket

PROsmart heated vest is flexible, washable, and can easily fit any attire. It provides customers with elegant battery heated clothing such as heated jacket, gloves, socks etc.

PROsmart heated  hoodie is amazing for fishing, skiing, snowboarding, golfing, or even watching football games as it can heat up to 12 hours.

Basically there are four types of Heated Jackets available in the market they are Construction Heated JacketMotorcycle Heated JacketsWomen’s Heated Jackets and Men’s heated jackets. If you want Best heated jackets for women then you have to go for “Ororo Women’s Slim-Fit Wireless Heated Jacket” its really great for women.

Buyers who wants best motorcycle heated jacket they should buy  Dewalt heated jacket. Those who wants Construction heated jacket they should go for Prosmart heated jacket  its really great for construction work and last but not the list people who wants Mens heated jacket they should buy Milwaukee heated jacket without having any hesitation as its the best for men’s. 

PROsmart heated jacket –

PROsmart’s electric heated  jacket is sleeveless and can be worn standalone in mild cold during jogging or walking. Its efficient heated design allows the electrically heated jacket warm up rapidly in extremely cold weather . When the temperatures hit freezing levels, you can easily use PROsmart electric heated vest as another layer under your thermal jacket for extreme heat generation.

Prosmart branded heated jacket is a nice alternative than the bigger brands its a budget friendly heated jacket like Makita heated jacket. Prosmart heated jacket is a low budget very nice everyday jacket. Prosmart heated jacket

This heated  vest has unisex style,flexible, washable, and can easily be worn with your daily attire. It has a power button located on your left chest makes it convenient to control temperature. You can select its temperature with its three heat setting (Hi-red color ; Medium-white color ; Low-blue color).You could adjust the temp. according to every environment. Its Usage time is 4.5 hours on lowest heating (104°F / 40°C), and 12 hours on highest (140°F / 60°C).

It heats up really well and should keep you warm in some pretty extreme conditions and it’s soft enough to wear underneath another jacket without being uncomfortable. No matter where you go , if you wear PROSmart heated vest you can enjoy heat up to 12 hours so it will keep you warm all day. 

This heated vest also includes a convenient cell phone pocket. It has 10000mAh power bank which can also charge your cell phone . Its USB port is compatible with most modern devices if you need some extra juice for your mobile you can easily charge it.

The material is a polyester blend so it will feel similar to most soft shells. It’s flexible and comfy which will provide you real comfort.


  • One of the long lasting heat times in the industry. 
  • Soft and comfortable jacket.
  • The jacket is made of lightweight materials.


  • None.

Conclusion –

So i think at this reasonable price of less than $100 Prosmart heated jacketProsmart heated jacket has some real good features which you will not find in branded heated jacket. Its heating duration has really surprised me which is 12 hours heating duration really impressive heating duration.  Many people looks for branded jacket like Bosch heated jacket, Dewalt heated jacket, Milwaukee heated jacket and Ororo heated jacket but if you use PROsmart’s electric heated  jacket for once you will become fan of it like me. If you lives in a climate where you will  find both types of temperature like cold and warmness then Mobile warming heated jacket will be perfect.

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