Introduction of Bosch heated jacket Review

Bosch heated jacket is incredibly lightweight and comfortable and kept us warm. Bosch heated hoodie is a high-quality model aimed at outdoor workers but with versatile features.

Before buying a Bosch heated vest you should look at the Bosch heated jacket size chart as you will find different size Bosch heated jacket like Bosch heated jacket xl, Bosch heated jacket XXL. So if you don’t look at the size chart before buying a heated jacket for you then it will be a real waste of money for you. 

You will find both Bosch heated jacket men and Bosch heated jacket women in the market which will help you to use it both for Gents and for your ladies family member.

This high-quality heated jacket from Bosch is a 12-volt, wind, and rain resistant jacket that is perfect for work or recreation. So if you are an outdoor worker then you can select Bosch heated jacket without having any doubt. 

If you want to warm your whole body in this winter then you can look for both Bosch heated hoodie and Bosch heated gloves as Bosch is really topmost brand in a heated jacket industry. 

Features of Bosch heated jacket:-

Bosch Men’s 12 Volt heated jacket –

The PSJ120M-102 12V Max heated jacket is made of 100% polyester. It is both wind and rain resistant, making it the ideal heated jacket for tough outdoor job sites.Bosch Heated Jacket

Bosch heated jacket features three quick-warming heat zones including two chest zones and one back zone, start warming in a matter of seconds. The three-level heat controller offers high heat (Red), medium (Green) and Low (Blue) for maximum control and comfort.

This heated jacket provides up to 6 hours of heated maximum runtime with Bosch 12-Volt Max batteries on low setting, users can stay warmer for longer without needing to recharge.

The PSJ120M-102 heated jacket includes a USB charging option for most personal electronics such as cell phones while in the jacket pocket. 

It is designed with three quick warming core heat zones composed of two chest zones and one back zone. The zones start warming in a matter of minutes to keep you warm quickly.

Bosch heated vest provides one-year limited periods warranty to the buyers from the date of original purchase. 


  • Provides up to six hours of heated runtime on low.
  • Has three-level heat controller low, high and medium.
  • The USB port for charging devices, and had 5 pockets.



Final words for Bosch Men’s

The Bosch jacket is a great solution for work and heat on-and-off situations. It has the USB port for charging electronics, and the jackets have lots of storage options, making it an ideal work companion. This lightweight heated jacket for sale is suitable for outdoor work and recreation.

Best For – Outdoor work and Recreation. 

Bosch Women’s 12-Volt heated jacket –

The Bosch electric jacket once turned on, will start to warm up in seconds. It is the perfect job-site solution for the cold weather, as well as stylish enough to put on to go out with your friends. 

Its designed in Denmark so these guys know cold weather, it’s very well made. Utilizing only quality components and fabric. Bosch heated jacket Womens

There are five pockets, which are large enough to store a cell phone, large documents, battery holster/controller and two hand pockets. 

This makes storage on the go quick and easy. With the included BHB120 (holster) and Bosch 12-Volt Max battery, you not only can power the jacket (PSJ120) but can also power most USB port compatible personal electronics, such as cell phones, at the same time. 


  • Wind and Rain Resistant
  • Ideal heated jacket for tough outdoor job sites.
  • Provides one-year limited periods warranty.


  • None.

Why do we think Bosch is the Top brand heated jacket in the market?

  Bosch vs Milwaukee heated jacket

Milwaukee and Bosch are the top brand’s heated jacket in the heated jacket industry. Both of this heated jacket will provide you warmth in this winter for long periods of time which every buyer want from their favorite heated jacket. Both of this heated jacket will provide you warmness through core heat zones that are right and left side of the chest. 

We have no doubt that Bosch and Milwaukee are the topmost brands but if I have to compare between these two heated hoodies then I will prefer Bosch heated jacket as my favorite one.  I have personally used Bosch and what I like about this jacket that it is suitable in both Cold and Warm climate for which it can be used in any outdoor related work. 

If you want style and better look heated vest then obviously go for Milwaukee heated hoodie. 



This jacket has been one of my best purchases for me and for my wife, She will remind me often how warm and comfortable this jacket is. I think this review will help you to get perfect information about the heated jacket.

Being water and wind resistant means you can stay comfortable when at the game, work, or local park. With not much more cost than a quality winter jacket, this one is a keeper forever. In my opinion, this is the best battery heated jacket you can buy on the market, that is at a very reasonable price. Smart clothing is starting to become a reality.

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