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Did you ever think why your feet get so cold in winter? Its all about blood flow your body directs most of your circulation toward your organs to keep them warm. These Heated Socks will help you to keep your feet heated and it will provide you warmness on freezing days . 

Two types of heated socks are available in the market they are Electric heated socks and Battery heated socks. If you go for battery powered heated socks then another types of Battery powered  socks are also available that is Rechargeable battery heated socks.

Whose feet are cold after using woolen socks for them its time to use for battery powered socks as it will provide you warmness to safe your feet from cold climate.

Buyers who are  looking for the best heated socks for hunting and skiing? They should read our article to find both Men’s heated socks and Women heated socks.

Comparison table of Best heated socks – 

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Name Heating Duration Our Ratings
GLOBAL VASION heated socks 6-6.5 hours 9.8
Heat Holders Thermal Socks 9.7
Autocastle Heated Socks 5.5 hours 9.6
Snow Deer Heated Socks Table 9.5
TherMedic Heated Socks Table 9.4
Volt Heated Socks Table 9.3
Lenz heat socks 14 hours 9.2
Merino Pocket Socks Table 9.1
Pure Athlete Ski Socks Table 9.9
SVPRO Heated Socks Table 9.0



GLOBAL VASION heated socks –

 Global vasion heated sock is good for most outdoor activities. Its great for hunting, ice fishing, hiking, and sporting events.

The socks are made of Spandex and cotton and include a battery pack with 3 heat settings. Its highest setting is too hot to use continuously and you will want to turn the batteries down as soon as you start to feel the heat.Best heated socks

It takes 4 to 5 hours to fully charged and when it is fully charged the battery lasts for 5 hours on medium and 6.5 hours on low. The first charge of the 3.7V batteries takes up to 12 hours, and subsequent charges take between 4 and 5 hours. 

Its padded reinforced heel & toe, and recessed heating element help to focus heat in the toe to keep your feet from getting cold. Global vasion heat is applied to the top of your foot and radiates to the other part of your feet through the sock lining.


  • It takes 4-5 hours for fully charged.
  • Its great for hunting, ice fishing, hiking, and sporting events.
  • Provides limited periods warranty.

Our verdict –

 The Global Vasion heated socks are our socks of choice in the low cost range.

Heat Holders Thermal Socks –

The first and original Heat Holders crew sock. Keep feet warm on the coldest of days and pull on this pair of Heat Holders for men, the warmest thermal sock! thick, Chunky and with a massive tog rating of 2.34, Heat Holders are made from a specially developed heavy bulk yarn which has extreme thermal qualities. 

These thermal socks are a great option if you are generally cold or have poor circulation and just want extra warmth.Best heated socks

These acryllic socks will keep their shape and elasticity well while absorb any sweat that build up as a result of the warmth. 

The inside of each sock has been intensively brushed that not only feels sensationally soft but also traps warm air close to the skin keeping your feet warmer for longer. 

Buyers will be able to wash these socks just like any other socks and you’ll get to choose from a wide variety of colors. It is a  diabetic friendly and provide relief for cold feet due to circulation problems.


  • Keeps its shape and elasticity well while absorb any sweat.
  • Great option for poor blood circulation. 
  • Provides limited periods warranty.

Our Verdict –

This heated socks provides great warmth to your legs in a cold weather. At this price i think this will be a great option for any buyers in this winter season. 

Autocastle Heated Socks –

People who are looking for heated socks for hiking, hunting, ice fishing, outdoor in the cold weather then Autocastle heated socks will be the perfect choice for them. This electric Heated Socks Keep you warm and comfortable all day, along with their 3.7-volt rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.Heated socks

Autocastle electric heated socks are made of thick fabric cotton to provide enough cozy and warmth for chronically cold feet, It has 3 layers heating element which can provide heat insulated/windproof/waterproof, Its 3 heat settings can generate 3 different temperature in need. The electrically heated sox offer enough warmth and a great relief for cold feet from poor circulation, arthritis, any kinds of winter cold issues.

Its 3.7V Li-ion batteries supply you with warmth for more than 5.5 hours. They also offer you to 3 temperature settings—Low, Medium & High—to allow you to set your preferred heat/warmth level.


  • Provides warmth for more than 5.5 hours.
  • Offers 3 temperature setting low, medium and high.
  • Generate 3 different temperature. 

Our Verdict –

If you are looking for heated socks for a hunting or climbing or outdoor related work in the cold weather then Autocastle heated socks will be the perfect choice for you.

Snow Deer Rechargeable Heated Socks – (Best Value)

This Heated socks are made with 80% cotton, 12% polyester, 8% Elastane material. The blend would not be my first choice, as I generally prefer wool socks.  As it has a reasonable price and also does the job well for that I prefer snow deer socks.Electric heated socks

This battery socks upgraded to use far infrared heating elements which can stimulate your blood circulation.Its great for arthritis foot and chronically cold feet & stiff joints. This rechargeable heated socks will give you warm in winter.

Snow Deer heat socks provides 100% satisfaction guarantee  which give yourself and beloved ones a chance to say goodbye to cold hands. It gives one years limited periods warranty to the buyers from the date of original purchase. 

Snow deer heat socks is a reasonable price heat socks which will do your job at cheap price.


  • Provides 1 years warranty.
  • Has three heat settings.
  • Cheap price quality shocks. 

Our Verdict –

No other better socks yo will find in the market at this reasonable price or rather cheap price. It will do your work. 

TherMedic Heated Socks –

This electric heated socks from Thermedic provides relief for chronically cold feet. Its infrared therapy will help you to improve blood circulation through out your body.

This electric heated socks will provide you with comfort and protection from cold feet symptoms by increasing blood flow through out your body.Battery heated socks

This heated socks provide safe and effective heat therapy. This FIR therapy is proven scientifically to be more effective than conventional heat therapy since it penetrate deeper into the skin without causing skin. This electric Heated Socks will therefore provide you with comfort and protection from cold feet symptoms by increasing blood flow throughout your body. The treatment of heat therapy by using heated socks is 30 minutes each time. 

It has 4 AAA batteries and the battery box sits in a little pocket at the back/top of the socks. So this is the third pair of socks on this list that uses disposable batteries instead of rechargeable.


  • Provides relief for chronically cold feet.
  • Improves blood circulation.

Our Verdict –

The bet thing about these socks is probably the infrared heat. It’s very nice and soothing. All in all these are good quality socks that will certainly do the trick.

Volt Heated Socks –

 I’m a huge fan of the Volt brand. I’ve used dozens of their heated gloves and they all are really good so I have high hopes and expectations for these socks.

The 3V Heated Socks by Volt come complete with two 3.7 Volt lithium-ion batteries, a wireless remote and dual wall charging accessories. The 3.7 Volt lithium-ion batteries have a 4 level controller so you can choose which heat output is best for your needs. Heated socks

The 3V Heated Socks by Volt feature the patented Zero Layer Heat System. This helps to provide a unique warming experience coupled with optimal heat transfer deep into your body. 

This heated socks provides up to 10 hours of soothing warmth to help restore senseless  toes from cold,  Its comfortable fit four power level settings allowing you to select your desired heat output.

I find that most people are happy switching between Low, Medium/Low and Off. Since the control button is so easy to operate while on the go you’ll be able to change the temperature often so that your feet are always just right.


  • Provides up to 10 hours of soothing warmth.
  • Four power level settings allowing you to select your desired heat output.
  • Easy to operate.

Our verdict –

I really like volt brand as its control button is so easy to operate while on the go.  As i have used dozens of their heated gloves and they all are really good so I have high hopes and expectations for these socks.

Lenz Heat Socks –

If you’re looking for the absolute best heated socks on the market, you should definitely consider the Lenz unisex socks. This is the type of product that’ll work for people that really struggle with keeping their feet warm.

The sock is superbly made won’t fall down as the day wears on, even with the additional battery weight. Its design so well that it hugs the leg and fits so well you won’t see it has a warming component or battery packs.Best heated socks

The batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion and are charged via a USB cable. Instead of using the app to adjust the temperature, you can use one of the three heat settings on the batteries. A cable connects the battery to the foot of the sock, where both the toe and balls of the feet are heated through the fabric.

This heated sock beats all its competitors in terms of battery life. This heated sock provides 14 hours of heat on the lowest setting. 



  • Bluetooth Remote Heat Control.
  • Very efficient.
  • Long battery life.

Our Verdict –

At almost $300, they are not cheap but if you want the best heated socks, the Lenz rcb socks are for you!

Merino Pocket Socks –

The Pocket Sock has a special pocket over the toes to hold heat factory Foot warmers. With the warmer in place, you’ll get a good 6 hours of gentle heat, which will keep your feet toasty when you’re outdoors.

Merino wool sock provides protection and long-lasting warmth to your feet and legs in cold outdoor activities.Women heated socks

The comfort hiker is made from 60% merino wool as well as stretch nylon, acrylic and elastic.   This sock is ideal for long hikes or even for when wanting to be comfortable at home. 

This sock does not has any moisture wicking technology, it has all the anti wet properties it needs since it has  merino wool. The fibers are breathable and these socks do dry fast. Although they are better for cooler weather, they can still be worn during warmer temperature. 

This sock as a crew cut, reaching to between the ankle and knee. It has seamless too closure and is available in multiple color options for both men and women. 


  • Has moisture wicking technology.
  • Provides 6 hour of gentle heat.
  • Durable.

Our Verdict –

This sock is ideal for long hikes or even for when wanting to be comfortable at home. It has seamless too closure and is available in multiple color options for both men and women. 

Pure Athlete Ski Socks –

This brand covers all athletes by providing state of the art body care products so that one can touch the skies. Service, honesty, positivity, and passion combine here at Pure athlete to give out finest goods. The ski socks feel great against the ski while skiing thanks to the highest quality yarn the brand use. They feature an ultra-comfortable sole and feel great in ski boots. Battery powered  socks

The  lightweight pure athlete ski socks utilize advanced merino wool to help keep feet warm while skiing or snowboarding. The socks are engineered to provide thermal regulating properties to keep feet warm without overheating. 

The ski socks can be used not only for skiing, but they are also great for all winter and outdoor activities, including ice fishing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, camping, trekking, or any cold weather activity. 

It has anti-odor properties which helps to prevent bacteria from forming in the ski socks, keeping feet feeling fresh. Ski socks has moisture wicking technology ensures your socks don’t get heavy with perspiration or wet from snow.

I am sure about on thing that ski socks will provide you 100% satisfaction as it gives guarantee for satisfaction.  


  • Enhanced warmth achieved by the blend of merino wool and polypropylene.
  • These hose can be easily washed by machine.
  • Best elastic at the top make sure that hose stay in place.

Our Verdict –

With enhanced warmth, comfortable areas and arch support it wouldn’t be wrong to comment that ski socks will provide you 100% satisfaction.

SVPRO Heated Socks –

SVPRO is another one of the companies that we absolutely trust when it comes to providing the best-heated socks to the users. SVPRO manufacture the best battery heated socks which are perfect for warming up the feet and improving the blood circulation as well.

SVPRO has 3 levels temperature settings which is High (Red), medium (Orange) and Low (Green). Its heating area front/bottom instep rises faster, get warm in about a minute and feet get nice and toasty.Best heated socks

The heated socks are soft and thickly padded for a comfortable wear and even heating during the harshest cold conditions.

This heated socks will be great for cold indoor&outdoor activities like lounging, fishing, camping, snowboarding, hunting, hiking. Won’t shock, even when wet!

It comes with 2 batteries that are rechargeable and will keep your feet toasty and warm. If the batteries are fully charged,the charging adpater’s light (instead of batteries’ light) will turn red to green.


  • The product is very versatile and it can be used for different situations such as snowboarding and skiing.
  • The batteries are rechargeable and last very long.
  • Even heating provides comfort to every single area on the feet.
  • Comes at an affordable price.

Our verdict – 

It is great in cold weather you can use it both for indoor and outdoor activities. It is very versatile and it can be used for different situations. 

Buyers guide of Heated socks –

Price – One of the most important things to consider when looking for heated socks is the price. Is it practical or is the pair worth your money? Find out if our above 10 selections suit your budget and requirements. 

Durability – Is your pair of heated socks made for heavy duty purposes? Will the heat elements incorporated in the socks still work if they are exposed to extremely cold and harsh environments? You should ask these questions or have clear idea before buying a heated socks for you as this are things should have in a durable socks. Best heated socks

Heating ability – 

When you are buying a heated socks heating ability will be your first criteria.  So go for models that can run for longer so that they can see you through a full hunting day without having to worry about the battery dying out.

Material –

Always try to select the best material socks. Better material socks will provide you good insulation and at the same time it will offer you great moisture management. 

he most common materials you’ll find in heated socks include cotton, wool, polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, spandex, nylon, and olefin.

Each of these materials has its own unique characteristics that contribute to the overall socks functionality.

I will refer you to go for woolen socks as it will provide you warmth and better insulation.

Conclusion –

Nobody like to have cold toes and feet it does not seem like too much fun too be honest. In this winter every person wants to keep their feet warm for long periods of time. 

In this article we have discussed about different types of heated socks depending on the price, Battery life and usability setting and everything. So understand your requirement well and buy the products that suits you. Heated socks

We tried our best to cover only the best heated socks for you and we have given those socks in our list which got good customer reviews and it provides the best features in a specific price segment. 

The heated socks covered in this list will worth your every single penny as all are top rated products. We hope that this article have clear all your doubts about choosing the best heated socks for skiing and hunting or any other outdoor activity.

While buying heated socks for you many buyers wants to warm their body also for them buy Best heated jacket in this winter if you want best heated jacket for women then go for Ororo heated jacket and if you want overall best jacket then go for Bosch heated jacket.

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